Festivities in honor of San Miguel and San Roque

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These are the local festivities in honor of their Patron Saints, San Miguel and San Roque, which take place in the last two weeks of August in the main urban center and the first week of September in the Los Palacios neighbourhood. They are festivals marked by a whole series of cultural, religious, musical, sports activities, etc.; among which we can highlight, to give an example, the pilgrimage, the popular festivals, the parade of floats, the gastronomic tastings, concerts, the heifer, recovery of historical traditions (flour milling, innocent saints), popular games (pique and caliche),… The pilgrimage of San Roque, leaves from the Parish Church of La Purísima towards the hermitage of San Roque (El Molino Natural Park) where the field Mass is held. Then the day will pass with paella contests, traditional games and finally return to the Parish Church with the image of San Roque. The next day there will be a parade of the music band, which will go through the streets of the town to collect representatives of festive clubs and all those people who want to participate in the Traditional Ribbon Race that takes place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Ermita de San Roque

Imagen de San Roque


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