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A Land Bank consists of a registry of fields whose owners are willing to enter into an assignment, sharecropping or rental contract. People interested in expanding the amount of land they work or when starting a new agricultural activity, can consult this registry and contact the owners to see and reach an agreement. The managing entityis in charge of managing the contacts and facilitating the agreements.

Abandoned lands are an economic hole for their owners. They are a reservoir for pests such as rodents and diseases such as Xylella Fastidiosa. And they are a cause of erosion and danger of forest fires. Having land registered in the Land Bank does not exempt you from the responsibility of good agricultural practices as owner, until you close a deal with an interested party.

The launch of the Land Bank increases job and business opportunities related to the agricultural sector. If you also take into account that working the land means managing the territory, establishing a population and fighting climate change, then it can be considered a fantastic initiative.

Toregister or claim land is very simple, click on the button you want LAND REGISTRATION or LAND DEMAND and fill out the form. We will contact you and hold informative meetings with all interested parties about the types of contracts.

If you are a restless person and want to collaborate with the agricultural revitalization of Formentera del Segura, you can sign up at I WANT TO COLLABORATE WITH THE LAND BANK. We have created a support group for all the scheduled activities, and we will invite you to the coordination meetings so that you can participate and propose initiatives related to education and the environment, healthy eating and agro-ecological production.