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The City Council of Formentera del Segura, through the Department of Social Welfare, has the means, professionals and social equipment, from which it provides primary care through the Department of Municipal Social Services.

Similarly, care for different groups of the population is carried out through specialized resources aimed at homeless people, immigrants, people with disabilities, women, families, minors and young people, as well as the elderly.

This offer of resources is complemented by the action that is carried out by the entities of the social initiative, both of which exist in coordination and municipal collaboration. The aim of this web page is to facilitate, in a practical and simple way, all the information on the functioning of the Social Services in Formentera del Segura, the programs and plans of action that are due to end and the offer of resources existing to donate answers to social problems.

The use of new technologies must have a social aspect that also contributes to the well-being of people. This is, without a doubt, a decided commitment by the City Council to bring even closer and make available to the public the set of social resources that our municipality has.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

De 08:00 h a 12:00 h.


De 11:00 h a 14:00 h

Socio-Cultural Center Los Palacios


Los Palacios (Residents only)

De 10:00h a 14:00 h


Only those people who have an appointment will be attended. Appointments can be made at the Formentera del Segura Town Hall (for consultations at the Town Hall) and at the Los Palacios Socio-Cultural Center for visits on Thursdays.