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The AMPA is an association of mothers and fathers of school students. It was founded in 1983 with the intention of improving, participating and solving problems that might arise in the school and with the students.

The PURPOSE of the AMPA is:

  • Defend the rights of our children and actively participate in their education
  • Participate in the School’s School Council
  • Collaborate in school and extracurricular activities of the school.
  • The Association is maintained thanks to: the collaboration of the partners. This collaboration is made effective through an annual fee per family.
  • City Council grant
  • Lottery sale.

How to be part of the AMPA?

All families with children of school age can form part of this association.

The Board of Directors sends every year at the beginning of the school year a circular informing how to be part.

The Board of Directors informs its partners through Assemblies that are convened periodically.

Through the AMPA various extracurricular activities are organized during the school year (always depending on your budget)

At Christmas, during the morning they organize a great chocolate party and activities with the children: Christmas carols, living Nativity scene, delivery of letters to the Three Wise Men… All this with the participation of mothers and fathers.

During carnivalthey liven up the streets of the town with the traditional parade of costumes accompanied by the Music Band. At the end of the tour, chocolate with monkey is offered.

Book Week, April 23. Stands are set up throughout the school where they sell books (outside school hours) at very attractive prices, in order to encourage reading.

End of Course Party. It is the party that is organized to say goodbye to the school year and specifically to the children who finish their stage in school.

The mothers and fathers of these children are in charge of organizing and decorating the stage where the festival takes place. It has been celebrated in Soto del Molino.

Once the festival is over, a “sobaquillo dinner” is held where everyone can participate. This dinner is enlivened with music.