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It is the personalized and comprehensive attention, carried out by the Municipal Social Services, to help citizens to solve the personal, family and/or social needs they present.

The Municipal Social Services, which currently have a Social Worker and Home Help Assistants, are the ones who attend to the requests and demands made by citizens in the first instance.

Some of the tasks and functions that these teams perform at the municipal level are:

  • Information, guidance and advice on the social resources available
  • Processing of aid and social benefits.
  • Management and/or supervision of all the programs and services that are implemented in the municipality within its area of competence.
  • Support and advice to entities and groups.
  • Social intervention for individuals and families.

What is it?

It consists of the presentation of a series of services at home for all those citizens who, due to physical, mental or social deficiencies, need the help of other people.

What goals do you have?

It seeks the permanence of the person in their own environment, ensuring individualized treatment in the provision of services, thus improving their quality of life.

What services are provided?

  • Support and domestic help: cleaning, hygiene and safety at home.
  • Support and personal help: Personal hygiene, food, grooming…
  • Psychological, social and educational care.
  • Development of personal autonomy capacities.
  • Stimulation of coexistence and integration in the community.

This service is provided through the Home Helpers team.


  • Personas mayores dependientes, que vivan sólos o con familiares u otras personas que no puedan atenderles adecuadamente o precisen de ayuda para dicha atención.
  • People with disabilities and/or people who, due to their limitations and/or illness, need a third person, who live alone or with relatives or other people who cannot adequately attend to them or require help for said attention.
  • Other population groups valued favorably by the Base Social Team.
    All of them must be:
    • Registered in the municipality.
    • Have a technical report that determines the need.


  • Request, according to standard model.
  • Photocopy of the D.N.I of the applicant, and where appropriate of all members of the family unit over 16 years of age.
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s SIP card.
  • Photocopy of the IRPF Declaration of the applicant and, where appropriate, of all members of the family unit over 16 years of age, or Negative Certificate from the Treasury if it has not been made.
  • Pension certificate from the INSS of the applicant and/or his/her spouse.
  • Medical report, according to standardized model.
  • Certificate of coexistence.


At the Town Hall or at the Social Center of Los Palacios, according to the days and times that appear on this website

Who does it depend on:

Municipal Social Services.

Service that allows the elderly and/or disabled to enter into verbal contact, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with trained professionals to provide an adequate response to the crisis presented or mobilize the appropriate emergency resources. It is done through a telephone line, with specific computer equipment located in a service center and at the user’s home. Other services such as agenda and reminder of activities are also provided.


  • Being over 70 years of age or younger with a disability greater than 65%
  • Not having telecare coverage through the dependency care system.
  • Be registered in any of the municipalities of the province of Alicante at least twelve months in advance.
  • Have an income level equal to or less than 150% of the IPREM established annually. For the annual calculation, the amount of the twelve monthly payments will be taken, plus the two extraordinary payments, and any other economic income that the applicant and beneficiary have and others who live in the family unit. To do this, the corresponding report/certificate must be requested from the Treasury and submitted together with the application. The expenses that the applicant may have for various concepts will no longer be taken into account.
  • be registered
  • Receive income equal to or less than the S.M.I.
  • Have the basic needs of housing, food and hygiene covered, have a telephone and electricity.
  • Not suffer from serious mental illness or senile dementia or noticeable deficiencies in speech or hearing.


  • Request, according to standard model.
  • Medical report of recognition of social benefits.
  • Photocopy of the Income Tax return or Treasury Certificate of all members of the family unit.
  • Photocopy of the DNI. of the Holder and other people who, fulfilling the requirements, want to be beneficiaries.
  • Photocopyof the SIP Health Assistance Card.
  • Certificate of coexistence.
  • Registration certificate specifying seniority.
  • Certificate of pensionsfrom the National Institute of Social Security
  • Datos de las personas de contacto: nombre y apellidos, dirección, teléfonos, parentesco.


At the Town Hall or at the Social Center of Los Palacios, according to the days and times that appear on this website

4.-Who depends:

Municipal Social Services in coordination with the Provincial Council of Alicante

What is it?

This program includes the set of measures that facilitate the citizen and the population in general the knowledge and access to social resources.

Specialized advice is offered on the rights that may correspond to them and the existing social resources.

It builds the “gateway” to the Public System of Social Services and the channel through which the demands of the population are derived towards the most suitable resources or services for each case.

What purpose does it have?

-Provide information, guidance and advice on the rights and existing social resources to resolve the needs of the population.

What services are presented?

  • Advice to the population about the services and resources available to meet their needs.
  • Attention to the direct demands of the population, of the associations they represent, as well as other institutions and public bodies.
  • Carrying out and participating in public campaigns for the dissemination of information.


At the Town Hall or at the Los Palacios Social Center, depending on the days and times that appear on this website.

What is it?

This program covers the basic or extraordinary needs of people with Individualized Economic Benefits.

What goals do you have?

  • Resolve or remedy a seriously deteriorated or urgently needed situation that cannot be resolved with their own financial means.
  • Achieve the normal human and social development of the people or families that receive this aid.

What services are provided?

  • Management of Economic Benefits.
  • Detection of precarious situations, of a personal, family or group nature.
  • Urgent action in the face of existing deficiencies.


At the Town Hall or at the Social Center of Los Palacios, according to the days and times that appear on this Web Page


From the beginning of the year until October 31 of each year.


Individuals or family units who are in a situation of need and meet the following requirements:

  • That the beneficiary does not have sufficient income to cover the expenses derived from the emergency situation.
  • That the per capita income of the family unit to which the applicant belongs does not exceed the annual amount set annually. In this regard, the following must be taken into account:

Family income will be considered the total gross income from each and every one of the members of the family unit. For such purposes, all income from salaries, rents, property, bank interest and pensions or aid granted by public or private institutions to any?of the members of the family unit.

The per capita income will be obtained by dividing the family income by the number of members of the family unit.

For the purposes of this order, the family unit will be considered to be the one made up of the people who live together in the family home, an end that will be accredited by means of a certificate of coexistence issued by the corresponding town hall.

  • That it has the technical reportin which the need for the action object of the aid is determined


  • Request according to official model.
  • Certified photocopyof the applicant’s NIF.
  • Certificate of coexistenceissued by the City Council of residence.
  • Certified photocopy of the last income statement or, failing that, a negative declaration certificate, referring to the income of the family unit. In the event of a negative certificate, a certificate accrediting the pension received by the applicant or express authorization will be provided to the Mancomunidad la Vega to access the personal data held in the files of the Tax Administration.
  • Technical reportthat justifies the need for the action object of the aid, issued by the competent technical services.
  • All the documentation required by the technician who processes the aid and that is necessary for an adequate social assessment.
  • Direct debit modelduly completed.